Compersion Season 2: Roundtable Discussion

1 min readMar 16, 2021

Season 2 is here!

It’s been four years since Jackie Stone, creator of the web series Compersion, has been on our show, but she’s finally back, and with season 2 nonetheless! This week we were joined by Jackie and four of the cast members, Jammie, Derrick, Loren, and Ka, to talk about season 2, what has changed since the beginning of the show, how polyamory and diversity has changed in the media, and the future of the show.

The four actors give their perspectives on:

  1. Their first impression when being cast for the show.
  2. If they have had any difficulty sharing the show’s contents with friends and family.

Jackie speaks on:

  1. Whether or not polyamory has become more of a known subject since season 1 and if it’s easier to discuss.
  2. Diversity in the polyamorous community.
  3. How worldwide shifts in perspective have influenced her work in the last four years.
  4. Hopes for the future.

Listen to the full episode to get everyone’s opinions and experiences while filming Compersion!




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